Another links wrap-up. Read on if you want to know about what’s going on in the world at the moment – about things I’m finding disturbing and not all smiles and sunshine. Scroll down to the light-entertainment links post for today.

The TSA is still sexually assalting people on a regular basis. Don’t they read their own bad press? Maybe they can’t…

The right-wing shilling in the USA is getting louder and louder.

In the wake of the Wikileaks saga, the US may be seeking to charge Julian assange under the Espionage Act of 1917. What that means for us is that anyone – anyone – who has read any of the cables, or talked about them, is liable for prosecution. Now’s a good time to re-read Aldous Huxley.

That whole US dollar as the world’s reserve currency thing is going the way of the dodo. That means hard times ahead for the rest of us. In fact, this whole American malaise, or decline and fall, is going to wreak havoc on civilization one way or another. It’s going to be one heck of a ride, so start up the popcorn machine.

There are things Obama could do to make the situation better. But the truth is, he probably won’t. The rich are too powerful.

Europe has enough problems of its own.

The global security state continues its march towards total awareness.

Is the Catholic church just staffed with morons?

Australia is not the bastion of gender equality – not by a long way.

Vietnam’s rush towards global competiveness and getting a slice of the capitalism pie up for grabs is affecting the people. Sounds familiar.

I posted a while ago about how the lack of solar activity (namely sunspots) could be affecting the climate – making it cooler instead of warmer. Now the mainstream press is picking up on it and books are being released about it.

The recent goings on between North Korea and the rest of the world look different when seen in the light of history. But it’s hardly surprising, really.

Japan is bringing in a ban on smoking in the workplace – but without penalties. They also want to introduce an environmental tax to fight global warming. How? Who knows! Meanwhile they’re cutting the corporate tax rate, you know rewarding the major polluters. 

In a spot of good news though, Nigeria wants to file charges against Dick Cheney. They’ll probably get bought off though, but we can hope.