It’s been all go go go for the world’s media over the past few days, with the arrest of Julian Assange and hearings into his extradition to Sweden. He may or may not be snatched (and disappeared) by the US on the way, so Assange is quite likely fearing for his life at this point. He certainly isn’t out of hot water yet.

Wikileaks continues to be mirrored around the world, despite the best efforts of the US government and its corporations.

As events continue to unfold by the second in the world’s media (or so it seems) it’s easy for juicy tidbits to slip by in the torrent of information.

Here are a few things that caught my eye.

A few of the Wikileaks people are opening another leaks site, Openleaks. It looks like Assange’s apparently oversized ego will inspire his former colleagues to continue the work their original site has become notorious for.

The situation is serving to highlight the contempt that the US media holds against its citizens. “We report, you decide,” would be better phrased as, “We report, so you have no choice,”.

It also serves to make very clear the contempt governments hold for their citizens, as well as each other.

Oh, one of the women accusing Julian assange of sex crimes has links to the CIA.

Wikileaks still has not been charged with a single crime under US or Australian law – no matter the opinion of the Australian Prime Minister or several asshat US politicians.

However, US government employees and contractors are barred from reading or accessing the leaked cables, since they are still considered ‘classified’ material. Close. door. horse.

The Obama administration and the Republicans get along fine – when it comes to covering up the misdeeds of the Bush administration. The British also have colluded with protecting the interests of the US.

The billions spent on pro-US propaganda in the Middle East has exerted about as much in fluence as a drop of water in the Pacific, compared to the power satellite broadcasts of its network TV shows have had over the past few years.

In the midst of all of this, the US State Department has had the gall to announce its support of ‘World Press Freedom Day’.

And documents continue to be leaked…