Time for another roundup of stuff from the internets that have caught my eye, interest, imagination, or funny-bone over the past couple of weeks. It’s currently about 2 degrees where I live, so if you’re like me, pour yourself something hot and strap yourself in for a couple of hours.

Smartphones are killing point-and-shoot digital cameras.

China’s big cities are full to bursting, yet there are others which are virtually empty.

South Australia is the home of many firsts. Now it can add ‘first indigenous Rhodes scholar’ to the list. A most worthy recipient.

In 1969, the US turned off Niagara Falls.

Some guy has constructed a complete replica of the 4077 M*A*S*H, even with an accurate ‘Swamp’.

Voyager 1 is still going strong. It looks like it has entered the heliosheath, a buffer of gas between our solar system and the rest of the universe, where the solar wind stops. For the factoid freaks out there, that’s at a distance of some 17 billion kilometres, travelling at 60,000 kilometres per second.

The Ukraine is officially opening up the region around Chernobyl to tourists.

Women are playing computer games more than ever, and are changing the industry as a result.

A good article about the struggles of Asian models to break through in an industry dominated by caucasians.

The guys who made ‘Megashark vs Giant Octopus’ are back with ‘Megashark vs Crocosaurus’. Yep, the shark is not dead – and neither are the guys resopnsible for the screamingly hilariously awful special effects from the last movie. Seriously, ‘Megashark vs Giant Octopus’ IS worth seeing, but only when viewed as the complete pile of excrement it’s supposed to be. Better than bad – it’s good! Bonus – it has the actor who played Urkel in it.

Reading about Operation Mincemeat from World War II is a refreshing window back into a time before spying became a high-tech caper played out by people lurking behind keyboards.

Many of the old-school amusement parks are on their way out – including the Corn Palace in South Dakota.

There’s nothing like a good cover version.

At least I can blame evolution for my back troubles…

Wow, nothing about Japan????