So why should my summer reading be all doom and gloom? I do enjoy things that entertain me as well. I guess it all depends on your definition of entertainment… Here are some things that got my brain a-flutter over the past couple of months before they’re consigned to the memory hole.

Weird Japanese inventions.

Japanese schoolgirls masturbate – a lot! (YAY!)

Try some Japanese futurism.

Hashima Island – again. I just love the idea of this place.

Some movies to watch if you didn’t find Inception that confusing. (I didn’t)

Inception may have been stolen from a Scrooge McDuck comic from 2002 anyway…

The changing world of fast food.

Positive thinking sucks.

A study suggests that children with lesbian parents have fewer behavioural problems.

At least there is a funny side to the failing stimulus spending in the USA. Cocaine monkeys indeed!

I will not be buying a 3D TV or going to see a movie in 3D – ever.

A collection of under-rated fight scenes.

The Cracked website is always full of trivia. Try this on for size, then this, and this. Clickety click!

See Venice before it is gone forever.

It’s sad to say that I want to visit some of these craptastic tourist traps.

The Muppets used to work for IBM.

Imagine. Beer with 50% alcohol.

Here’s some great pencil art.

What would you do if you were a world famous photographer entrusted with the last ever roll of Kodachrome film?

I’m having hours of fun with Tilt Shift Maker.

There’s some cool tilt shift stuff out there too.

How the world of independent cinema is changing.

An excellent review of that second Sex And The City movie. Bile and vitriol with brains.

But at least there is still some interesting sci-fi being made.

Some Japanese actresses aren’t just brainless models who can’t act seeking attention and cash before marrying some rich bint looking for a trophy wife…

Hours of trivia…

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