The BP / Gulf of Mexico New Dead Sea Emerges.

Still going strong by all accounts, despite BP managing to stick some sort of cap on it to stop the leakage. (Does anyone else not see the gross sexual humour in this situation?) We’ll see how long this lasts since it’s well established that BP really have almost no idea what they’re doing – and they even say they have no idea why their stock price has plunged over the past weeks!

Now that the journalists have had over a month to think about it, we’re now seeing what we can practically do about it since untrained helpers are more of a hindrance and waving signs outside a BP office building will almost certainly be ignored by everyone except people who wield large sticks. Also Obama being in BP’s pocket can’t be helping things along too much now, can it?  

Sure, boycotting BP service stations hurts the owners more than the oil company, but cutting oil out of our daily lives!? Just a quick glance at this (partial!) list is enough to show how much civilization relies on that black goo, and how much we’re screwed once we run out of the stuff. (No guitar strings or blank DVDs??? I’D RATHER DIE!!!)

At least Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP, can be relied upon to put his foot in his mouth on a regular basis and keep us entertained – and it’s nice to see that street commentary is not dead either.