It’s not all hand-wringing and fantasizing about the end of the world on this blog.

It’s like a million dorks just jizzed in their pants all over the world, as Spock and Kirk (Nimoy and Shatner) reunite at some conference thingy.

Some things should have been left in the 80s and DO NOT deserve to be revived… unless they’re mullets.

In America, children have to be taught how to play. Read that sentence again and realise just how much childhood has been killed.

If you have some time on your hands then here’s some scientific mysteries to wrap your intellect around.

Here are some colour photographs from pre-revolutionary Russia.

Oh, and this is what a trillion dollars would look like.

Japan files:

Standing only bars, or tachinomi, are enjoying a renaissance thanks to the recent belt tightening going on in Japan. Those belts must be so tight by now, they must be threatening to cut off circulation to the lower half of the body. I guess that’s another reason for the falling birth rate….