It’s been a while eh.


1) My internet got cut off. Pretty drastic I realise but I had a run-in with my internet provider. In Japan they like you to pay by automatic bank transfer but since banks in Japan work by your name in Japanese I’ve always had problems with this. If you’re a foreigner your name gets rendered in katakana, so by that measure my name has been written by the authorities in no less than four different ways! Also having a middle name has been a problem since Japanese people don’t have middle names. Anyway, the ISP wanted me to switch to this system, I sent in my deatils and they couldn’t get out any money. In their infinite wisdom they sent me a letter telling me I had asked to have my internet disconnected! Wrangling ensued. They couldn’t reverse the decision so the internet was duly cut off and I had to send back the modem. I had to then apply for a new connection which took a few weeks for them to set up(!) and then they sent me a new modem and voila! I’m back!

I could’ve switched to a new ISP, sure, but the only one who does English support of which I’m aware is Yahoo! and I’ve had friends have problems with them so I didn’t want to deal with them.

2) Work. With the economy the way it is, parents are cutting back on expenses and one of the things that have been cut is any extra education for their kids. So my company closed one branch and they’ve cut a number of staff. This has not been good for the stress levels, as you could imagine. Thanksfully things have more-or-less settled and I have gainful employment – for now.

So now let the rants commence. Please excuse my sources being so far out of date!!