Every time I wake and trundle in to see the news on the PC I hope to see that the Israeli attacks on Gaza have stopped… and find they haven’t.

Words almost fail to express how much I feel about the situation, and the way the Israeli armed forces have deliberately targeted the civilians, especially the women and children of Gaza. In my opinion it is a loathsome, disgusting, vile tactic. It rates amongst the lowest forms of humanity.

This, from a country whose founders survived the most horrible cruelty themselves… it beggars description why they would perform genocide on another group of people. Some believe the target isn’t actually Hamas, but Iran. The Israeli government’s attempts at propaganda are sounding increasingly hollow. In fact, the global court of opinion looks like it has sided against the Zionists as a result.

Now, hopefully, the end is in sight. When the dust has settled, and the bodies of the citizens of Gaza have been buried, let’s hope that the memories are not also buried. The horrors we do to each other should not go unpunished.

I don’t often sign petitions, but I did this time. Maybe you should do it too.