I really can’t type at the moment…. Actually this has been going on for a while. It’s particularly bad when I’ve been using instant messenger. What makes it even more embarrassing is that I’m supposed to be an English teacher. It sounds bad, but I have to use the instant spellchecker in Firefox quite a bit. Last night I was chatting to a friend and some things just came out as gobbledigook – and I’d noticed AFTER I’d hit the ‘Enter’ key… Ah well… Getting old(er) sucks.

I don’t want to dwell on Obama’s victory too much since the news is filled with various points of view and analysis. Journalists need something to do now the the two-ring circus is over for the next couple of years. It was pleasing to see that this election drew out record numbers of voters. The infamous apathy of the American citizen has been laid to rest… kinda. Sarah Palin has been banished to the political wilderness (Alaska) for the time being – and now the knives are coming out for her. But in the glow of an Obama victory, don’t for get that George Bush & Co. still have 100 days left to screw things up. They could make life very hard for the next president in so many terrible ways, so don’t bank on it being an easy transition period. Also, don’t forget that Obama is a politician. It is very likely that a lot of the hopes and dreams that have been pinned on him over the past year or so are likely to be unfulfilled.  Get your reality check strapped in and ready to roll, boys and girls.