One of the good things about watching this economic collapse unfold is that it goes to show that Wall Street financial people aren’t dummies.

Setting: Main Street on a dry and dusty western town. Music by Ennio Morricone.

Wall Street: Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Government: Well, gee. Look at that!

WS: Hey! We gave you all that money! You like money, right?

G: Well… geee…. yeah!

WS: Help us get back up and we can give you money again!

G: But you’re mortally wounded, look at those gunshot wounds… Hey, is that a gun in your hand? Did you do that to yoursel..

WS: No! It was… errrmmm… those other guys. The common people!

Common People: What?!? Hey, we have no idea how that guy works, but he promised if we gave him our money, that he would lend to us, we’d get rich! What happened?

WS: I have no idea what you’re talking about. Oh, and that big house over there isn’t mine either.

G: Well, we’d be happy to help. Common People, we need more money – again.

CP: What!? Don’t we pay you enough too?!? If we give you our money then we won’t have anything left to go and buy food, hay for the horses, and so on. The shops will all close.

WS: Argh! Help me up!

G: Come on! Let’s help!

CP: Well…. OK…. I guess….

Wall Street gets to his feet, shoves the wad of cash into his coat pocket, and falls over again.

WS: Help! I can’t get up!

Today’s heavy-handed allegory is brought to you by the numbers 9,956 and 10,172 and falling.