A quick note. My friend who is part of Edge Church updated me with some info about Michael Guggleimucci. It turns out he hasn’t been a part of this church for 8 years or so so the money he used to fund his porn habit came from other sources, and is apparently being repaid. Still, it’s a blight on the church to have been publicly associated with this guy…

I’m really enjoying reading this article by a school principal. In it he outlines what he sees are where our schools are failing in what they should be doing for our children – that is give them the skills they need for life. He really hits the nail on the head with some of his observations and suggestions.

Thailand is perhaps gearing up for a coup – a reluctant one if these comments by a Thai military senior official are anything to go by… I’m so glad I’m not there at the moment! Then again, if there is a coup, the small islands are unlikely to be greatly affected…

In Australia, where rain is often followed by someone saying, “What’s that stuff falling from the sky?” progress is being made in developing new methods for cloud seeding.

Noticed that the internet is running slow? I have. And it turns out that it’s all my fault… Ooops.

So the conventions are over and the dust is settling over the US election battle until the debates start up. The one between Palin and Biden should be a doozy. Some interesting food for thought that has come out of it for you to ponder.
One is the organized campaign of violence against the independent media. As highlighted in this article (Bonus: contains the phrase ‘weaponized urine’), the police and security forces deliberately targetted journalists not working for the media corporations. Another article about the same subject is here.
Two is this article written by a woman who has known Sarah Palin since 1992. In it she disects her character, motivations and methods as she’s witnessed them over the past 16 years. In short, Sarah Palin is not a nice woman and she’s not fit to potentially be the next Republican presidential candidate if McCain fails in his bid this year.
Three, that McCain is probably going to be looking increasingly to his young charge to lead the way as his incoherence over the past few years is not going away. That also raises the spectre of a possible Palin 2012 campaign…

That cure for cancer could be a lot further away since recent research has shown that each cancer has a unique genetic make up…

A recent roundup of climate goings on.

Australia is becoming more expensive, especially for those on aged pensions.

A good list of security pointers for the international traveller. It includes a handy picture of how to stand in the new full body imaging machines. The same posture is handy for law enforcement officers when they detect your guns and explosives…

The best Muppet cake ever!

Tokyo Elvis.

A Bacon Trio to finish: bacon flavoured vodka, bourbon and jelly beans. Yum.