It’s been nine days since a blog post and I must confess that nothing much has changed. I’m still working, Bush is still the US president, Obama-mania continues unchecked, the sky is still blue and iced coffee still tastes good.

A few things have caught my eye over the past week or so which I’d like to pour down the memory hole for safe-keeping.

Oh God, no. Top Gun 2?!? You might take that as final proof that God doesn’t exist, and if God does, then He hates us.

First they arrested him ,now they let him go. Ex-Nova president Saruhashi is out on 50 million yen bail. No word if they’re using that bail money to pay back the students he ripped off.

The latest on McCain, here, and here. (Less in quantity, but good reading nonetheless)

The latest on Obama, here, here, here, here, here, and (sarcastically) here.

Do you really trust machines to count your vote?

Repeat after me, Qantas is still the safest airline in the world, Qantas is still the safest airline in the world, Qantas is still the safest airline in the world.

The low-down on the guy who keeps more geeks entertained than anyone else at the moment.

If you read much about the empires of the world and the reasons why they crumbled, one of the reasons is that they outsourced their militaries. The Romans did it, Alexander did it, the Egyptians did it, and now the USA is doing it. Mind you, when you look at the growing economic inequalities as well as the depreciation in the quality of life (amongst other things), you have to wonder why people are still wanting to go there to live…

More analysis on the oil crisis as well as what’s happening with rice (and why Japan isn’t doing more).

So what happens when you take a group of South Africans to Israel for a visit? Comments that Apartheid was better shouldn’t be on the list.

If you have to holiday in North Korea, be aware that they have guns and will use them. It’s still one of the weirdest places in the world to go, and I’d still like to go there.

I have another new destination to add to the list, Super Bear Arcade in Big Bear Lake in the US of A.

When oil billionaires start building wind power stations, maybe it’s time to get with the program, especially when their name is T. Boone Pickens. Looks like one town already has.

The Koreans are closer to developing a fusion-based energy source, or a new black hole, whichever is your preference.

A couple of years ago I reported the passing of Peter Norman. Now his son has made a documentary as a homily to his legacy.

Australia, land of the fair go, as long as you were born there…. Discrimination is still a worry… Which is a shame since we need all the people working we can get. Australia’s growing and we need need to grow (up) with it. Making life so expensive for students that they can’t get decent qualifications is not the best way to go about it either…

It must be summer as the media have posted their annual “And you thought YOUR local swimming pool was crowded, look at those wacky Asians” story.

If you’re rescued from being a hostage by someone posing as a Red Cross member, which is a violation of the Geneva Conventions, are you obligated to return?

The Thailand vs. Cambodia standoff continues.

An interesting piece on what a barrel of oil will get you. If you’re the United States, you’re only worth 400 billion barrels of oil. That’s the combined reserves of Saudi Arabia and Iran (therefore affordable!) – and also the cheapest you’ve ever been in history – tramp.

Japanese developers have come up with a new long-life flash memory chip. This could be really something for the development of faster and more powerful tech gadgets! Yay!

Since everyone and their dog is getting a tattoo, one wonders what the rebellious youth of tomorrow will get into. I guess there will always be hard drugs….

The most amazing leopard vs. crocodile pictures you’ll see for a while…

The Japanese are starting to use acupuncture on their fish to improve the taste of sushi. I don’t know what’s more disturbing, that or the article also mentions samba lessons for small dogs.

They are also relying on Aussie wheat to make noodles.

I like a good breakfast – and you should too.

I’m learning too late that you should save… but I’m trying to make up for it now.

From the ‘some people really need to get lives’ file; Tower Bridge made of matchsticks.

I’m glad these parents are getting dragged through the media. Anyone who names their child ‘Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii’ deserves to be named and shamed and then thrown into a firey pit. Pity the poor kids with names like ones in the article.

Another sign of the apocalypse; fish walking in the street.

I like this t-shirt.

I like this rant.

Yes Mum, I have travel insurance!!

Feargal Sharkey!?!?

Anyone who laughed at Devo in the 80s must be laughing on the other sides of their faces nowadays. What do you do as prophets of the age of electronic music as well as heralds of the end of civilization?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you William Shatner.