It’s most definitely a Wednesday here. It’s a bit sunny out, with a nice breeze blowing. Don’t need the fan or air-con. Lovely.

Lots going on the big, wide world, as usual though…

For all my Aussie friends who hate me because of my truly unlimited broadband, changes are afoot. NTT are going to place limits on broadband usage! They’re going to cap uploads only – to 30 gig per day! Oh the humanity!

I’m a bit upset that I missed this. While I was whiling away the hours in a line to see a model of Himeji Castle made of sugar, I could’ve seen a museum dedicated to what comes out the other end! And people wonder why I live here…

New tech is interesting at the moment. For example, Volkswagon have come out with a car with ridiculously good fuel economy. The boffins at Matsushita (Panasonic) have developed a new lighting source for a post-fluorescent world.

Golf carts are hardly new tech, but they’re busy replacing old tech in certain cities at the moment.

The G8 boffins are meeting in Hokkaido at the moment. The Japanese press are busy reporting on what the wives are doing since they can’t get close to the other halves. With the food crisis high on the agenda, it’s good to be able to see that it’s really concerning the leaders of this world and what they’re choosing to eat. They cut back to only 8 courses for dinner (see the comments beneath), practically starving themselves. In the end it doesn’t really change many things.

Kafka would be proud.

The world’s smallest violin is playing for the kids of Russia’s billionaires since they can afford to buy as many little violins as they like.

At least they get an education though. In some parts of the developed world, kids are unable to speak in sentences by the time they get to school.

Which leads on to speculate about where we’re going. Nowhere, fast, comes to mind.

Slavery is alive and well in Australia!?!?

The list of most/least corrupt countries is out. Always makes for some interesting reading and speculating.

With China poised to take over as the world’s largest economy, is the latest Olympic fiasco involving reneging of the freedom of the press guaranteed in their winning bid just a taste of things to come?

The geeks have taken over.


That’s some fine driving.

It’s been 80 years since sliced bread. So, what did people say before then?

Syria beckons…