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Obama is a hawk, seeking to make Jerusalem solely under Israeli control, and seeks to expand America’s power into Latin America. As the article says, not even George Bush has said this. John McCain is hardly a saint either.

You have to wonder when you firstly introduce articles of impeachment against the President of the United States, spend four hours reading them onto the record, go on various media talking about how important this is, say you’ll re-introduce articles of impeachment if this motion fails, then finally voting against your own articles of impeachment? Huh? And you thought we finally had a politician who had some good sense…

Speaking of good sense, Afghanistan’s president is threatening to attack Taliban camps that are located inside Pakistan. That’s going to go down well.

Another scary headline, “Is Italy Going Fascist?”. Short answer: No, but it’s pretty darn close.

Also Taiwanese vessels are playing chicken with the Japanese Self Defence Forces.

This has got to be the best reason to have a unique name. A girl who just happens to have the same name as a girl featured in a viral video is worried what will happen when prospective employers google her name. Of course, she can’t ask Google to block those sites, because the girl in the video actually has the same name as her… In other news, my in-browser dictionary doesn’t recognise ‘google’ as a word.

Dear Sex and the City, thanks for everything. Love, Pfizer.

In Aco, just down the road from where I live, comes this cautionary, yet amusing tale of checking the number of zeroes.

I will never understand the Japanese sense of humour.

Look like my return to Australia will be delayed once again. Not only is the price of fuel skyrocketing, but it’s having a spill-over affect on public transport, which is already full , but now heading towards overflowing with passengers. The prices of houses also look set to increase, which is small comfort for those like me who don’t own a home already, since rents also look likely to rise as well. Some think that the fact that this will make homes completely unaffordable will soon put a stop to any price rises. I wish I could share their optimism…

Another interesting development would be if the Japanese government reversed decades (centuries?) of policy and allowed large-scale immigration into the country. Of course, the widespread notion that foreigners are all criminals could possibly put a dampener on that ever happening. But when you consider that even the leaders of Japan are giving up on Japanese ever having enough children to reverse the ageing of the population, that’s (some kind of) progress. Another prospect is that under the proposed legislation foreigners who live in Japan for at least ten years could be granted citizenship. I wonder if that will be extended to the Koreans and Chinese who have been living in Japan for three generations? You also have to think about the fact that in the face of possibly large scale immigration, will the Japanese people be so accepting of it? (Incidents like this were once almost non-existent) Also, would anyone really want to live here for more than ten years anyway?

This is a good summary of what’s been happening with the prices of food and fuel, and the reasons why they’ve increased so much recently.

The Socceroos are through to the next round of World Cup qualifying! Yay! Also, in sports, cricket may have just been rocked to the core by an ambidextrous batman.

Eco-prats can now enjoy organic spirits in their cocktails. Save the world and get drunk at the same time? Yeah, OK… welcome to the next fad.

In other environment news, Honda have released a production car that runs on hydrogen fuel cells, which is great if you’re near a hydrogen filling station. (Hint: most of us aren’t) But, a Japanese company has also developed a car that will run on water. The only problem seems to be that you have to let Jason Voorhees drive it. Hopefully this kind of thing will come into production before the world ends. Even Japan is now experiencing crime directly related to the high cost of petrol.

But on the good news front, it looks like some Australian state governments are seriously getting into solar power. Instead of “three or four” plants though, try building thirty or forty? Then we’d know you’re being serious about it…

This is the best photo blog about other photographers I’ve seen for a very long time.

Mmmmm…. Mangosteens

Seeya later. Time to go buy some blank DVDs (my DVD burner has started working again – best strike while the iron’s hot) and go to work.