A lot happens, eh!

It looks like Obama has sown up the Democratic Party’s nomination. Get ready for the next five months of Obama vs. McCain hoopla.

A couple of family orientated stories. Firstly, delaying fatherhood can be potentially bad for your kids, and also there are less and less boys being born anyway. That great 50s sci-fi D-grade masterpiece called ‘Planet of the Bikini Women’ or something could end up coming true – woo hoo!

Continuing the recent theme of the unravelling food crisis, global leaders are meeting in Rome to work out what to do. The likely answer will probably be ‘more of the same’, ie. more power and money to the big agri-business corporations and more of the policies that have led local producers to the brink of bankruptcy. Yay, Capitalism!

One interesting development is that Aussie dairy producers are (at last) making some money since demand for Aussie milk products is huge, and growing, and it just isn’t possible to turn on a switch to increase production.

Another day, another book from a Bush insider about how incompetent the regime has been on Iraq. No kidding!? This one has some great quotes from the Dear Leader though.

If you’re going to have a hospital for soldiers suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (a good idea), try not to build it next to a military firing range (possibly not such a good idea).

Japan’s answer to increasing amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere? Bathe more quickly to save energy! As anyone who’s ridden a train in summer will testify; that is NOT a good idea! How about not charging up your three mobile phones and iPods constantly? It’s nice to see Australia doing something too. This story is about a website for young kids where they can enter details about their lifestyle and see what age they should die in order to save the planet. Hmmm….

Want Europe’s cheapest petrol? Move to Greenland, where it’s still more expensive than the USA per litre. Yes, that USA which has 5% of the world’s population but uses 44% of the world’s gasoline.

At least we’ll all be around for much longer to see the world suffer and die…

America is much safer now because travellers have to give 72 hours notice they’re coming. Oh yeah, that’s going to really help things along…

I really need a holiday.