After 4+ hours of fun with the PC I managed to get Windows reinstalled and up and running. The fun included trying to remember how I connected to the Internet as well as having to reinstall the DVD burner software after it crapped out again!! Anyway, it’s working now and better than before, so I’m happy(er).

The rainy season has officially started in this part of Japan and the forecast for the next 5 days is for nothing but rain – so it might rain, or might not. Rainy season is kinda weird since you basically can’t forecast at all, so the weather people just give every day a 50% chance and then go on holiday somewhere sunny, like Australia, for 3 weeks.

Another interesting development is that Japan Post are going to switch their entire transportation fleet over to all-electric vehicles over the next few years. One reason is the cost of fuel, but another is that it’ll reduce their carbon output. Is this the start of something big here? Japan Post is partially privatised, but still is pumped up by the government (as well as the huge reservoir of cash from the postal savings accounts).

If you know me, you know I love bananas; they’re part of my daily ritual. Today there’s news of a resurgence of the Panama disease that nearly wiped out the global supply of bananas in the ’60s. It’s pretty scary stuff!

So as the banana supply starts to dwindle, Americans engage in ever more creative efforts to stay liquid but actually get themselves deeper into debt, the world starts to wonder just where they will get clean water and affordable food from, it’s nice to see that Peru and Chile have opened hostilities over who had the potato first… Errrrmmm… guys? Priorities?

Speaking of endangered species, whatever happened to Gen-X?

The surveillance society that is storming the planet (latest installation is taking place in China, with American tech know-how) has been expolited by an English band who performed in front of a bunch of CCTV cameras in public places and requested the footage through the Freedom Of Information Act to add to their film clip. Nice idea, but they still sound like Coldplay…. urrrrgh!

Apparently wearing a t-shirt with a print of a gun on it can get you thrown out of an airport nowadays. The continuing death of common sense continues unabated…

If you still think Obama is the saviour, watch this. This has to be the best rant I’ve seen for a long time! But the re-writing of history continues as well. Witness the New York Times perpetuating the myth that George Bush won the 2000 election, when even they said themselves that he didn’t. In the end you have to wonder if it all really matters since the election really is just a distraction from the eventual corporate takeover of the United States…

Really, I am a fun-loving guy!