Still sore. Sometimes better, sometimes not. Whoopie.

A 747 splits in half on the runway. Good thing it didn’t happen 5 minutes later!

The knives are out for Kevin Rudd – what, already? What a surprise!

With energy and food prices going nuts, some Americans are doing what they do best, buy guns and go country. The current situation is giving us a great opportunity to find ways to live without oil, but no government has the real vision to do anything about it – unless they’re in Scandinavia…

On the solar research front, scientists have demonstrated ‘the avalanche effect’. That means about the same to you as it does to me. But if it can be made to work, it could increase the efficiency of solar cells from about 15% to 44% – effectively three times the electrical output, making them much, much better!

Following on from the article about John Cusack, here’s an interview with him about War Inc.

Burma’s junta have done the right thing and focussed all efforts on delivering aid to the victims of the terrible typhoon that razed the country two weeks ago. Actually no. They’ve focussed their attention on extending the house arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi instead. Morons.

I always thought the last thing you wanted to hear a doctor say about you was that you were ‘very interesting’. Turns out I was wrong.

I remember reading comics when I was young and wondering about those ads that were in every copy ever made. Well, someone ordered the stuff – and of course, it was all crap! Maybe they’ll start selling real estate in them soon if the housing slump continues like this.

In Japan, the fallout from the recent sumo tournament continues, with the two Yokozuna (grand champions) getting into hot water over their final bout. It may seem a bit funny when compared to other sports, but in a sport based on such ritual as sumo, getting steamed up and bitch-slapping your opponent after the bout is over is a huge deal! At least it’ll get people more interested in the sport…

Aaah, TV. Teacher, mother, secret lover. And changing… We could be going to an internet-based approach if this Japanese research follows through – or have holograms in our living rooms.

Time for all you can eat Italian food – yay!