My neck is killing me, so I’m off to see if a decent massage can loosen things up. Work was terrible as a result yesterday, so I’m not having a repeat if I can help it.

Looks like high petrol prices are here to stay. In Japan it’s nearly 160 yen a litre, putting it on a par with what’s happening in Australia. Some say the price of oil may soon go down, but you can bet the prices won’t! At least some people are coming up with some practical ways of dealing with it, such as going back to the future.

In Japan, gynaecology is steadily becoming a profession to be avoided, contributing to the declining birthrate. Who wants to have kids if there are no doctors? (The number of paediatricians is also in decline) Another reason is the number of moron husbands that they have to deal with. But hostessing is increasingly being seen as an honorable profession. So Japan will become a nation of hostess bars and old folks homes…. wait…. MORE of a nation of hostess bars and old folks homes.

A good read about a good read.

Kotooshu, the Bulgarian sumo wrestler, is closing in on his first victory at a sumo tournament. If he wins, he will be the first the first European to hold the Emperor’s Cup. He seems like a good bloke too.

Condi Rice for VP? AS revolting as the idea sounds, she seems to be interested in it. Time to do some reading up on the lady.

Oooops. Someone let the cat out of the bag.

Glorious coffee. Wonderful spices.