Today was ANZAC Day so I had a small relection today. I was standing in a line with thousands of Japanese people trying to get into a pavilion at the Himeji Sweets Festival, but actually being surrounded by all these people I couldn’t really understand, slowly shuffling along was quite meditative!

The festival itself was quite something. Once inside the pavilion I was able to see all kinds of sculptures made completely out of sugar.

The only major drawback was that there was absolutely no information for the international visitor – no materials were produced in any language other than Japanese. A bit of a shame since they’re supposed to be pushing Japan as more of an international destination these days. I got that info from an ex-student of mine who happened to be volunteering there today.

She also told me that Himeji Castle won’t be knocked down. What’s going to happen is from October they’re going to construct a GLASS BOX around the castle and then strip off the plaster and roof and replace them. She said it’s going to take at least five years so don’t plan to come to Himeji to see the castle after then – come to see me! 😉

Anyway, I’ll be turning off the Internet for Golden Week. I need to unplug as I think I’m just spending way too much time here reading about the imminent collapse of civilization… I need to get out and see some of it before it goes away forever – and me along with it.

There are more articles about the food crisis to peruse. One actually directly calls for Americans to stock up on basic foodstuffs. Scary.

While diving through the economic sections in various papers and reading up on the food crisis I came across these articles about Spain and LA – both bringing up that they are areas in trouble – Spain especially.


The study of mitochondrial DNA (passed down through our mothers) has revealed all sorts of interesting details of our ancient heritage. One is that way all indeed have a common ancestor. Also we were nearly wiped out about 70,000 years ago, and we likely diverged into two separate species at one point before merging again. Fascinating.

So, what happens when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comic? All of Jon’s neuroses come to the fore, that’s what! Interesting and quite darkly funny…

The next classic to be remade worse? Blake’s 7!? Say it isn’t so! The only one that’s worked has been Battlestar Galactica – unless you count Buffy as a remake… The first few episodes of the new Bionic Woman had potential as well. I want to see them try out Buck Rogers though – gawd that was awful!!

See you in ten days or so.