Saving the world is a daunting task. Frankly, I was never cut out to be a super-hero. I look ridiculous in lycra.

There’s a lot of serious news out there aside from Obama vs Clinton. (Although, with Michael Moore throwing his weight behind Obama, is that like the kiss of death?)

For a start, we really are going to find it harder to feed ourselves, or at least more expensive. There’s food rationing in the USA, people returning to a DIY mentality (didn’t this last happen in WWII?), it getting harder for Japan to source food from overseas (although they’re trying hard) – not to mention beer prices continuing to rise – if ever there was a crisis, this is it! The expanding populations of developing countries such as The Philippines can’t be helping the situation either.

On a positive(?) note, it looks like Americans will be consuming less anyway, because they’re dying younger

Looks like the three-second-rule doesn’t exist. Whoops.

The Australian is taking up the sun-spot theory of global cooling. We’ll see how this coming winter goes…

The reason I do this is to record and (hopefully) preserve some of the things I find out there on teh internets and hopefully you find some of it interesting too. When I find stories about long forgotten, but nonetheless important events, I hope I can contribute to their memory not fading away. Here’s one about a long forgotten part of Australia’s war history. Here’s another about a forgotten chapter in America’s civil rights struggle.

Australia’s economy continues to surge, putting the dollar at all time highs, and inflation spiraling. With the recent conference to gain ideas on how to lead Australia into the future over and done with, a commentator not invited posts a few more ideas for perusal… This article about the wider economic picture in the US makes a good point about infrastructure: both the US and Australia need investment in basic infrastructure – massive investment anyway. It’d be a forward-thinking gesture, but aside from that, it’d be taking care of the country into the future, as well as providing jobs for the present. It’d certainly help stem the tide of recession sweeping over the USA, but it’d also help sort out the growing gap between those with full time work and those without. When you consider that none of the candidates have a housing policy, this during one of the largest housing crises ever seen in the US, it doesn’t bode well for the future.

Bush says the Olympics are not about politics. Whoops.

Looks like they’ll be after your DNA before too long.

Enjoy the sounds of songbirds while you can… last chance to hear?

Quite a good piece about the state of Japan’s home construction industry and a few of its problems. The main one is that homes are engineered to last 26 years, but mortgages last at least 35 years. Wuh?!?

Another good piece about Iraq. Another good one about the ‘war on terror’.

In cultural matters, there’s a new doco about the branding of Che Guevara which looks interesting.

A site that does this way better than me.

Smell the flowers – dang.