…that I shall make no more expensive technology purchases for the next twelve months. I’m done.

What a few days it’s been.

I had two days of training in Osaka with one of my co-workers. Met some very ‘interesting’ people and wondered almost out loud if these are the sorts of people that Japanese parents are willing to let loose on the developing minds of their children then we’re in for a long and bumpy ride. That ranted, most of my co-trainees and trainers were fine, decent human beings. The room we had to train in was pretty disgraceful though. The decor was circa ‘The Shining’ and the temperature was approaching one of Dante’s inner circles of Hell.

Got to sup on some fine Mexican food though – and the Coronas passed muster.

Two days in that room finished me off as far as my health was concerned, so I ended up going to the hospital today and walked off with not one but five different types of medication to feast on for the next week. Yay me.

I have to admit that I like the idea.

A fine place to wait out eternity.

Look up – your overlords are watching you. If they aren’t there, then they’re probably off wandering the Earth in search of new things to devour…

It all may not matter though as we may all cease to exist next Tuesday. At least it’ll be before this hits the screens.

I told you so. So have they.

Everyone has a hobby.

I might go here next winter.

I found a good place to open an English school.

Another reason to eat bacon.

I think they mean it when they say ‘No pictures’. I still want to see it though…


Best reason ever to get up today – apart from all-you-eat yakiniku. I forgot… oh well.