I came down with quite the fever at work yesterday. I thought it was the flu coming on since my lower back and legs were really sore and stiff, but no, at around 7 I started to feel my head warming up and starting to feel quite woozy. Crap. I only just got healthy again! So, as soon as I could, I hit the supermarket for Vitamin C (C.C. Lemon!) and hit home for some Panadol and bed.

I’m glad to report that I’m feeling a lot better today. At least the fever has died down so I’ll be able to go to work.

Hey, if the USA had never invaded Iraq, they could afford to pay off the credit crisis in one easy payment! (Yeesh…)

This site really caught my eye. It’s just a simple idea, but one which most of us would have thought about at some point in our lives as consumers. The idea is ‘Advertising vs. Reality’ and it just involves pictures from the packaging of various food products and what the contents actually look like in comparison. If you eat a lot of processed food, then the results could be nothing new, but for me it was simultaneously interesting and scary. It’s certainly put me off the idea of eating a lot of this stuff.

Today’s unfolding global environmental catastrophe is brought to you by the heavyweights; the Amazon, Antarctica, the North-West Passage, and the oceans in general. That takes in about 80% of the surface of the Earth…

One small piece of good news amongst the chaos; more and more communities are doing something about it – such as starting projects to put solar panels on every house.

The US military’s response? “We’re gonna burn coal”.

Thought for the Day: “[T]oday – people think of the world as a network of cities – not a network of countries. We visit London, Paris and Rio De Janeiro – rather than England, France or Brazil.”
It’s true. I’ve lost count of the number of times that people have told me that they’re off to some city or other for a holiday – not the country. Me included (Dubai). Good thing is a lot of people are bucking that trend and really doing some travelling. I always make a point of telling Japanese students who are thinking of coming to Australia to avoid the cities as much as possible and to see the countryside; the ‘real’ Australia.
It brings up another point though. The world is steadily becoming a place where people live in cities. In fact more than half the current human population of the world lives in one. This website ponders some of the implications but since countries like China are actively pursuing developing more ‘super-cities’ as a matter of course, it’s going to become a larger issue for people this century. Perhaps the megalopolis contained within various manga is not such a far off reality.

A reminder that China isn’t the only country to have indulged in some pre-Olympic whoop-ass.

Here’s another article about rising food prices around the world. The interesting thing is that it’s hit the mainstream press in Japan. With the price of mayonnaise going up 30% suddenly, it could become the spark that starts a food riot in downtown Tokyo amongst the ‘マヨラー’ (pron. ma-yo-ra; Mayo-lovers) devotees.

Another thing not to do in Japan; have a baby.

But, it might be a good idea to invest in some weight loss companies here…

This would be a good idea for a short film.

Conspiracy theorists would have a field day. Maybe they are already.

Will there come a day when a skipping a shower (or two) becomes the norm?

Time for work…