See what happens when you go away for the weekend? You come home and there’s so much interesting stuff to read that you end up not cooking your lunch (oops) and realize that your post is going to be HUUUGE!

Open up, Memory Hole. Here comes a big load for you to swallow!

Just change “World’s” to “Tatsuno’s” and you might have an idea of the freakshow that I am.

Royal families really have it tough. Not only do you have endless money and never have to work, but you get to go to the best schools in the country and have your friends chosen for you… ummm… wait.

Hey, Spitzer was heading an investigation into why Bush was intimately linked to a $200 billion publicly funded bailout of the banks (why do taxpayers have to pay for business mistakes anyway?) and then suddenly he gets busted for sex with a prostitute and has to quit. Oh gee, that investigation has to stop too. What a shame. Even though Spitzer had the morals of a drunk Japanese salaryman on a Saturday night (had to preserve that one in print, Pav), at least he had more ethics than the rest of the government. Goes to show what a bunch of crooks they all are.

Hey, it turns out the voting machines that gave the Republicans an improbable victory in an Ohio state election were also the same ones that gave Bush victory in 2004. Strangely the company that built those machines is a staunch supporter of the Republican party. Gee, what do you think happened there?

Look for the next neo-con project after Iran to take place in space.

Obama makes a speech about the ‘elephant in the corner’, Racism, after his pastor said something about racism still being endemic in the USA. This article superbly tears apart the speech and looks at what Rev. Wright has also had to say. Despite his wishes, Obama looks less and less like Martin Luther King every day, and more like just another politician. Choice? What choice?

The longer the Democratic Party’s battle for the nomination goes on, the likelihood of a Democrat moving into the White House diminishes day by day. That would give us a McCain presidency and a continuation of the wild west style of leadership the world has come to know and love over the past seven years.

The invasion of Iraq has entered its sixth year and the death toll of US troops has passed four thousand. We may never know how many Iraqis have died since the toll from the radioactivity and chemicals used as armaments will cause untold death and suffering for generations to come. That and the press aren’t interested in how the occupation is affecting the locals since they can’t leave the Green Zone. Don’t mention Afghanistan. The comparisons with Vietnam continue and I won’t stop talking about it since it’s becoming a dead story on the news and it’s going to resonate as a story for years to come and will continue to affect millions of people either directly or indirectly. You need to be aware of what’s going on. I can’t stress that you need to read and read and then read some more. Do something if you have to. (I don’t know if dancing for peace is today’s equivalent if fiddling while Rome is burning, but anything that keeps the occupation in people’s minds is something at least) This is why I don’t have time for fiction, in books or films. Yes, it’s depressing. It’s reality. Pull your head out of the sand.

Stephen Colbert has nuts the size of watermelons. I was almost late for work thanks to this.

I told you it was a big one.

The American economy is continuing its downward slide into recession or depression. Things are really getting difficult for those at the bottom – which nowadays is anyone middle-class or lower…

Don’t look to GM crops for the answer to our problems, now or in the future. In fact, look for an increase in armed conflicts, wars, genocide and terrorist attacks as battles for basic resources intensify.

In Japan, teachers in Tokyo are still being punished for refusing to support a neo-jingoistic/imperialistic/nationalistic regime determined to turn students into automatons willing to die for the emperor.

Also, don’t get old or sick in Japan. Looks like I will be retiring in Australia after all.

In brief.

Spiritual Rock.

The Japanese assault on the English language continues.

Go to Beijing. Maybe die.

Silent pubs.

This operation was brought to you by


Sugar Pushers.

Push Presents!?

Ninjas ride for free.

Atheists can defeat black magic by smiling.

Done. [Burp!]