It’s Saturday and it’s the first working Saturday of the new school year. It’s going to be a weird one methinks. I have a class with two three-year-old kids starting to learn English for the first time today. Listen for the screams for mummy…

Here was something looking at the growth of personal DNA analysis for your kids. A step closer to Gattaca – which the article alludes to – which is something I’ve commented on in the past. Get ready to be sequenced, that’s all I can say…

I always wondered what kind of experiments the Japanese scientists did with all the whales taken from the seas each year apart from if they tasted better grilled or fried. Now I know, and it confirms a few suspicions about the whole program. Firstly it confirms that the whole thing is a ruse. Secondly it shows that some Japanese are very weird indeed!!

This article from a book about the 9/11 Commission raises a lot of pertinent points about how much the Bush administration knew about al Qaeda leading up to September 11, 2001. It especially sets its sights on Condoleezza Rice and her ineptitude in her role as National Security Advisor. One wonders what could have been if they’d had someone competent in that role, not to mention the Presidency.

It’s a good time to think about what might happen if there was another 9/11-type attack in the US. There might not need to be another terrorist attack to turn the US into a dictatorship. Scroll to the bottom for some scenarios – scary reading. Some say that the US is already on the road to some kind of totalitarian government, where the rule of law is suspended and the government does as it wishes. Stories like this only give greater cause for discomfort.

This was an interesting summary of what led to the Great Depression. Pertinent reading for a world in a time of walking a fine line between prosperity and economic disaster.

The UN also sees a widening of problems stemming from the fact that prices for food are increasing. This is partly due to more agricultural land being turned over to the production of biofuels. Other factors include the increase in transportation costs (ie. oil), climate change, speculation in futures markets and the influence of demand from India and China. What’s scary is that the UN here is talking about people who have money but simply can’t afford to buy food due to its cost – not unavailability.

Aaaargh…. I think I’ll just buy a ukulele and watch the sun set