I got reading for you!

A timeline of British history.

Moses was high (likely).

Rooftop gardens look like a good idea. This, however, was not.

A funny story about how the US government forced the closure of a website because they kept sending top secret information to it – even though they’d been told about it.

More Obama stuff. Some Bush stuff too.

Microsoft doesn’t know what day it is. I know that’s not news to most people, but…

Japan update! Japan may actually increase tobacco taxes. Japanese people are having less sex because virtual partners are more satisfying and less work. Losers. They need to learn the benefits of a good screw (or maybe not). They’d better hurry up as small communities are turning into ghost towns. At least in the cities you’ll be able to get something good to eat – if you can afford it. You’ll be able to get there and back quickly…. oh so quickly.

Some people are crazy.

I don’t know how any Israeli politician could use the word ‘holocaust’ to talk about what they’d like to do to another people without understanding the hideous implications of such a statement. Or maybe they do – which is even worse.

I found this rather scary, but not as scary as this.

Somehow Mullet is ranked number 11230 out of 11070 on Reverbnation in Alternative. Check us out and drive us up. I’d love to be ranked in the top 10000….

All we need are 1000 true fans and we could all go down the street for a milkshake. We won’t be trying any of these!

I’m falling in love with They Might Be Giants all over again…

Finally, the New Nova is hiring. Read it and laugh at the wages and conditions on offer. Or just get angry.