I’m whipping up a big pot of Butter Chicken. Looks good so far. There’s nothing like the smell of real butter to get the heart racing and the arteries hardening. Hopefully it’ll see off my cold(s) which I’ve been dealing with for the past month.

Blink and you’ll miss it.

Housing affordability is on the steady decline in Australia. Inflation is on the up, fuelled significantly by the rise in rents. It’s starting to hit Australia’s largest and most expensive city to live in, Sydney, with people starting to look at leaving.

I guess you can always turn to God for help

Whatever happened to the action hero?

In Japan, the electronics mecca of Akihabara is undergoing a massive change thanks to unbridled development, the changing demographics of the visitors there, as well as some heavy-handed bullying by the police and government. It looks like Nakano, which is near Shibuya, is becoming the new otaku haven in Tokyo.

While in Japan, here was something interesting about the boom in Chinese brides for Japanese men. Also, thanks to the boom in resources, Japan’s homeless are now making better money.

While the campaign of Hillary Clinton looks to be over in everything but name, the main contender for the Democrats is hardly squeaky clean, as this article on his ties to the nuclear industry shows. Maybe he should be talking to the Scottish Board of Education… I didn’t know teaching English could be so dangerous.

Tomorrow is National Grammar Day. I’ll be doing my part by imparting the glorious English language on some of it’s students. (Yes, that was intentional!)

Sometimes the conspiracy theories start to get just a bit too real and scary.

Russians seem to be quite happy to sacrifice democracy for wealth – so why aren’t the Americans trying to liberate them? (Gee… I wonder…)

Sad headline of the day – Childhood is over by age 11.

A little brightness to finish on though. An Indian man has an airliner in his yard, and takes kids on ‘flights’ without leaving the ground to give them a taste of flight that they would never probably experience otherwise.

And this guy just makes me laugh. I wish I was that creative with my time.