With my PC buckling under the weight of so many neat, interesting, and downright weird things from around the world, I need to post to keep it from crashing spontaneously.

In no particular order.

Lindsay Lohan sets a new record for the number of Razzies! Well done Lindsay!

With the impending death of HD-DVD, it’s time to cast our eyes back 30 years to the death of Betamax. Beta-what?

So what is on the high-speed panoramic pan across Springfield in the opening of The Simpsons anyway?

Want a long life? Move to Andorra.

Some guys who like digging found something quite old.

The Iraq War has always been about bringing democracy to those who need it most. Really. It’s never been about making money from over-valued contracts. Really.

It’s been a cold winter.

Japan, in one aspect anyway, is thinking of joining the 21st Century.

If you’re planning of going to the Olympics in China this year, plan to bring your own toilet.

A recent comment about the state of the US elections. Scroll to the bottom for a juicy summary of why Obama is dangerous. Hint: it isn’t his fault.

All hail Svalbard! Saviour of us all!

A Japanese city will pay 10,000 yen to senior citizens if they can stay healthy for a year. In other news, the death rate in a Japanese city spikes in 2008 due to senior citizens refusing all medical treatment in order to make a lousy 10,000 yen.

We’re screwed whether we like it or not. You’ve gotta die of something…

Girly-men who wear make up are the future? Chuck Norris would not be happy.

Hong Kong has cheap booze!!

Slavery is not dead in the USA.

Living with Egyptian Coptic Christians is a great way to lose weight and fulfil your desire for self-loathing.

And I’m spent.