This time tomorrow I’ll be in Hokkaido…. Kowai so! It’s gonna be cold!

Tonight Sonic Youth are playing Daydream Nation in Adelaide as part of their Don’t Look Back tour. I wish I was there! (Have a great time, Matty!)

With more tourists and visitors coming to Japan recently (and perhaps wanting to stay), it seems a bit odd that the Japanese government are looking for ways to tighten their grip on immigrants. Seems a bit foolish given that Japan is going to need to grow its tax base as the native population ages and decreases over the next decades. Then again, with 31% of the population thinking that increasing the amount of immigrants will lead to social instability of some kind, it looks a lot like pandering to the jingoists – or just business as usual in Japanese politics…

It’s hard to imagine me coming back to Australia soon with news like this filtering through the ether…

Things in Iraq are really getting better according to the US government. Mmmm ‘kay.

Some good old fashioned hard science for you amateur pundits (like myself). Firstly, a missing link has been found in Sydney Harbour – and it wasn’t from someone’s shirt. Also, someone’s been hard at work sleuthing through the human genome, and turning up some interesting tidbits of info. Also, if you were ever interested in how much punishment the human body can take, here’s something that will answer a few questions for you.

In today’s nice bit of dodgy science, the headline says that studying on tatami mats makes kids smarter. After reading the article it just looks like kids will do better anywhere other than a classroom!

In case you didn’t see this – this is (only one reason) why Michael Jackson should be sent to a nuthouse – stat!