Another week of work coming up…

Yes, I had a bit too much to drink at the party the other night. Will not be doing that again for a while! But then again, no more parties coming up for a while either…

This weekend I’m off to Hokkaido to try skiing on real snow for the first time. (The indoor skiing venue in Adelaide doesn’t count, I’m sure!) I’m told that the snow up there is the proper ‘powder’ stuff, so it should be nice and soft to cushion my many falls!

So I bought a new camera (the SD-7) last week and not only did the screen break on the first run, but also the memory card doesn’t like my computer! So I have a card of pix but no way to view them. Grrr. I have my eye on a USB reader, which I just have to find. The camera is being changed over next week.

For a busy person’s guide to the recent goings on in Kosovo, scroll to the bottom of this page for the Q and A. Interesting times for the Kosovans. I hope things don’t get worse for them before they get better.

If this wasn’t real, it’d be a good joke.

People who know me well would know I’m not a fan of theme parks at all. If I wanted to pay $50 to stand in queues for 75% of the time I was at a place, I’d…. well, I wouldn’t do it! However, here are some I might make an exception for.

This article had some interesting things to say about the death of mass culture. That could be a good thing – or a bad thing – depending on how you look at it. I always find it interesting to come back home and listen to people talk about things like TV, music and movies since I just don’t get the same thing up here. It’s like I exist in a cultural vacuum (insert joke about Japanese pop culture here) but on the positive side it means I get to talk about more meaningful and personal things with my friends. Cut through the small talk and get to the meaty stuff.

Here’s some more interesting fodder about the US elections and Iraq.

Time to go fax details to the NOVA administrators in Osaka and try to get some money. It’d make a nice bonus!