Yup, it was quite a weekend for the old internets: all sorts of interesting stuff to read and archive for future reference.

I’ll need a new passport in a couple of years. Of course the rules might change by then, but it’s important to keep up with things – especially costs for replacement passports – ouch!

On the US election front, it looks as though the tide has turned truly in favour of it becoming a McCain vs Obama finale. This article discusses if Mrs. Clinton can lose with style, this also looks at the Obama / Clinton endgame and this one looks at what happens to Republican candidates the closer they get to becoming president. Interesting!

Good news on the biofuels front is that more and more media are picking up on the fact that they produce more greenhouse gases then they save.

Also, there might be some interesting news on the power generation front. But maybe it’s another case of smoke and mirrors or snake oil. Time will tell.

Now this man lived a life! And he had a good beard.

This guy also is living quite a life. At least now we know who wins all the contests…

Brian May is an idiot. A rich and famous idiot with a doctorate, but still…

The rest I’ll try to sum up in two words…

Rotten Tomatoes

RIP Polaroid

Anchors Aweigh!

“Euros Accepted”

European Creationist Morons (I know it’s three – give me a break!)

Rainy Sydney

Horse Surfing

Garlic Chocolates

We had more snow here last Saturday. The ground was nicely covered all day! Thankfully driving wasn’t a problem though.

Next weekend will be a biggie. I have deliveries on Saturday morning – including a new TV, followed by dinner with four hot women and then the Sports Bar will be having it’s closing down party! Sunday will be spent recovering!