Is it just me or has the Internet slowed to a crawl?? Many websites are taking a reeeeeeally long time to load – if at all. Very annoying. Maybe the fact that four undersea cables being cut this week has had something to do with it, but maybe it’s something else

One of the things that makes me smile about Japan is that you can sit an exam and get a qualification in almost anything. The latest one to make the press is a test to become a ‘mobile phone sommelier’. The article also references other stupid tests, such as one to become an accredited expert in snow crabs of all things… Completely useless, but great money makers apparently!

Japan is a place where a lot of old-world attitudes remain, especially about women. Things are bad enough when a politician can call women “baby making machines” and not be punished, sacked or even demoted by his party, but now even the pop stars are weighing in. Koda Kumi, who is famous for jumping around, making noises (some call it singing) while not wearing very much (the Japanese Britney Spears / Xtina / Fergie / whatever) has gone on the record saying that the wombs of 35+ year-old women are ‘rotten’. Of course SHE’S being publicly shamed, losing contracts and blah blah… if a man said it he might be promoted!

Break out your tin hats, kids. Soon everything will be tracked and they will know everything about us.

Interesting quote from an interesting article about Obama, “Obama has become a symbol for something larger than himself. And that is why is he so dangerous.” But, as you know, they’re all a bunch of crooks. Really.

With the Superbowl played and won (quite thrillingly, I might add) it’s time to reflect on what the Superbowl means… and did they slip in another phallus into the half time show?

In other news, heaven IS a place on earth.