Plenty of it around, I hear…

So, today I’m off to the cricket. Should be a fun exercise in Australiana.

The worst thing about the cricket is the beer. I used to work at the cricket when I was a uni student. At that time West End was the sponsor, so at least the beer was locally made. Unfortunately most real South Aussies will only drink West End is there’s nothing else to drink. To make matters worse, since booze-related problems have always been an issue at the cricket, they made a brew with only half the alcohol content of standard lager exclusively for the cricket. Half the taste too, so the punters reckoned.

Nowadays XXXX is the main sponsor of the cricket, so we have to deal with the Queensland version of the beer most people wouldn’t touch. I can tell you, it’s awful. Truly.

At least they sell the local nectar of ambrosia at the oval.

On this track, there was a good article about hangovers.

There was another one about how some ‘healthy’ foods are not so healthy – some pretty obvious, some not so.

Lastly, with desalinisation plants all the rage in Australia, a timely article about how industry and the utilities companies could save oceans of water just by switching to using sea or waste water, instead of plugging into the mains.