From The Age:

A writer for a column called The Religious Write asked, “Religion remains an important influence in Australia’s region. Can we use it to build ties? How? Are there better ways?”

To which one witty commentator replied,

“I don’t think religion can be used to build ties. Ties need to be built from some kind [of] fibre, which is then woven into a fabric and cut and sewn into the classic tie shape.

You could use religious motifs to decorate ties, I suppose, but this may well end up offending people who feel their religious motifs need more respect.

All in all, probably best to keep religion completely separate from ties and corporate menswear in general.”

Hear hear, my humour-infused keeper of all things mirthy.

Oh, and Led Zeppelin have played their first concert in quite a long time. That’s LED ZEPPELIN. Gonna get that one…