Another day in paradise… more or less. Yesterday was pretty mucky, with hot (37) temperatures followed by strong winds, thunder and a brief rainstorm. Today’s looking better though. The only place in Australia getting any decent rain at the moment is around Sydney – and that’s been hardly enough to raise the level of water in storage. The drought lingers on…

So, another day, another massacre in the USA. Another massacre in the USA, another swag of reports avoiding the elephant in the room; that people can still buy assault weapons more easily than a decent meal. Seriously, I could only find one report (from an Aussie newspaper) that said anything about gun control. Yay – journalism!

In other news, America’s “teenage birth rate rose for the first time in 15 years, surprising government health officials who had no immediate explanation.” I’ll give you guys one guess.

Actually, two.

Also, the US Coast Guard has reeled in about US$4.7 billion worth of cocaine so far this year. Interestingly “the street value of the drugs seized or removed last year by the Coast Guard equals roughly half the agency’s total annual budget,” which leads to some interestingly speculations about what happens to the drugs, once seized…

Also, Pizza Hut (in America, unfortunately) has instant cardiac arrests on sale – for a limited time! Also, The Whopper is 50 years old – much like the special sauce, and beer isn’t just for drinking – or spraying across the white t-shirted chests of buxom college girls.