Well. It’s been quite the couple of weeks.

First there’s been the big events with the election and the change of government. If you’ve been under a rock or in Outer Uzbekistan, there was an election last weekend and the Labour Party won so we now have a centre-right government instead of a slightly more to the right centre-right government! The new bunch seem like decent people and it’s certainly time for a breath of fresh air. We’ll all be watching with interest to see how they fare.

I watched the saga unfold on the telly (ABC, naturally!) at my friend’s house with beer and pizza. The pizza delivery guy made a mess – when he delivered the pizzas one of them had slipped to one end of the pizza box! Not good! They supplied a fresh one after I called to register my unhappiness. My mate’s girlfriend decided that this election stuff was boring so she spent a couple of hours surfing the Net and watching Star Wars! My friend had to do some much needed girlfriend maintenance the next day!

As far as my current casual job is concerned, it finishes next week. They’re getting a full-time trainee so my time is done. It’s been great to get some new skills under my belt (if you want fuel injectors stripped, cleaned, tested and kitted up – I’m your guy!) as well as spend a heap of time with my best mate. I’m sure he’ll remind me to take him out for drinks to say thanks!

The weather’s been lovely. I’ve watched cricket and basketball matches, been to the beach and the park, been people watching and garden viewing. It’s been just wonderful.

I have just over a month of this to go then it’ll be back to Japan; cold weather, hustling about trying to get everything together before my new job starts on the 7th of January. Yay…