… in a month.

Nova has collapsed.

I’ve got a new job starting in January – teaching English to (mostly) kids in Tatsuno, which is the city next to Himeji.

And I’m now in Australia!

My new job requires a driver’s license, so the easiest way to get that was to sign over my Australian one. The only problem was that I needed to have spent three months in Oz to qualify. So that’s why I’m here now.

So, I’m working at my best friend’s company. Ironically, I’m driving every day as part of my job, so I’m getting a lot of practice!

I’m starting to relax after the stress of the past few months. I’m getting back into the Aussie swing of things. The weather is coming good, there are all the awesome summer type activities to enjoy.

So, that’s how my last month has been.