There’s more!

I got moved from one school to another school this week – and now that school is closing next week! Yeeesh.

More Nova stuff has hit the English language press. Some of it is hearsay, but since no one up top is contactable or saying anything, there isn’t much else to go on at the moment. Even the people who work in Head Office have as much clue as anyone else. It really is a shambles.

I’ve been reading up on my Japanese regulations and working out the best course of action.

There are “End of Nova” parties springing up spontaneously all over Japan as the foreign staff do what they do best when faced with stress- they drink!

When all else fails, I don’t turn to the bottle (thankfully!), I turn to the Internet! Aah, the Internet. Teacher, mother, secret lover…. provider of work (hopefully!).

For Japanophiles and linguists here’s a list of English words in Japanese. Anyone who’s taught English in Japan may have a chuckle at this.

I found out that Jackie Chan has pretty good taste in movies. But also I found out that Lois Maxwell (*the* Miss Moneypenny) has passed away

I found out that Subway can be worse for you than McDonalds – steer away from the cookies people!

I found out that boyhood is slowly, but surely, being banned. We’re about to see a generation of tubby Emo-kids with no balls come through the system. Is that REALLY what we want?!?

Oh, and Yay! George Bush is gearing up to attack Iran updates! More on the war on terror, the war against the people of the Earth, the war against Nature, the war against freedom (not Bush’s definition)… Oh it’s so good to be alive right now!!

But some guys in Paris are fighting a war against the desecration and destruction of that city.

And anything that includes the figure, “The amount of energy thrown out by the burst was 10exp33 joules or the equivalent to the amount of energy that around 185.3 billion average Australian homes would use in a year,” has got to be good!

Peace, Love, and Blue Smarties to you…