… is D-Day for the company – as well as my (apparent) pay day. We. Shall. See.

More reports have been popping up in the mainstream press here in Japan and the boards are the usual frenzy of rumour-mongering and doomsday scenarios.

There may not be so many people left in Japan to teach by the time I want to retire anyway…

I think I slept last night for a while…

Some quickies.

This certainly made me smile (and even laugh) amongst all the stress and strain of the past few months. I might try some of these in the 100yen shop and see if they cross cultures!

Do travellers who boycott countries do any good?

A quarter of Africa’s GDP ends up in the pockets of its leaders…

It’s always interesting for me as a linguist and pop-culture fan to find out where the two meet. Here’s the origin of the phrasal verb, “to jump the shark”, or the moment when something loses its credibility and sinks into the abyss of mediocrity… 30 years ago this month.

In the end I end up dreaming of finding a big pile of money outside my front door one morning and travelling the world

Dream on.