And what a week it’s been so far.

If you haven’t heard, our pay has been delayed. The English-language Japanese press has been largely silent about it which has been rather disappointing. Then again, with so few actual facts to go on it’s been especially frustrating for all of us as well. All the regular instructors were paid today (5 days late) and us slightly up the ladder should be paid tomorrow.

The internets have been filled with rumours and speculations about the demise of Nova.

My hope is that we pull through – for my own selfish reasons (I don’t want to have to pull up roots and relocate – plus I like the job) as well as for the sake of the students and staff. Realistically I’m preparing myself (and K) for anything. As one of my friends said, the company is in a state of flux, and ‘flux’ means ‘change’, which means we have to keep our options open.

Games. Fun and.

So I turn to the internets for info, but also escape.

So I found this uplifting story of a family who jettisoned their car and ended up with 35% more money from what they didn’t spend on it!

I found a nice little list of places to avoid for my next holiday – except perhaps Chernobyl…

And finally, it wouldn’t be a week in Japan without finding out something incredibly weird as well as something very indicative of the culture here…

Sometimes the posts just write themselves.

Here’s hoping that the Vietnam/Cambodia thing is still a ‘go’…