Will someone please just bite the bullet and impeach Bush already!? Or perhaps just send him off to The Hague?

At least before he does something really, really stupid (as opposed to everything else he’s done so far) like this. Or this.

At least the Australian government are now trying something to entice the Japanese back to Australia – apart from fixing the horrific exchange rate (hmmm???). The “Where the Bloody Hell are you?” campaign didn’t exactly translate well into Japanese (‘so, where are you?’) and I think I only saw the ad on Japanese TV TWICE in the past year. Not exactly spending big on getting it out there…

Also, let’s face it, for such an outwardly polite and genteel nation (at least the ones who have enough money to spend on big overseas trips) that kind of invitation wouldn’t go down well at all.

So, it’s back to the drawing board and time to come up with an oldie but a goodie – pawn Australia’s World Heritage sites, and likely tack on a few koalas for good measure.