I have this evening to catch up on posting some stuff for the memory hole, so here goes…

(in order of being discovered… excuse the randomness)

It’s OK to be a night owl – like yours truly. Now in Europe work hours are being adjusted to suit them. Thankfully!

Japan is weird.

A good article looking at the forgotten holocaust of Armenians by the Turks during World War 1.

The Sexiest Movie Assassins… aaaahhhhh… Miho…..

The top 10 most influential albums that sucked on release. I own two of them, which I thought was pretty good going!

An interesting article about a new type of battery that may finally kill the infernal combustion engine.

But driving would never be the same without Jack.

Australia is continuing to become a nation of idiots. Let’s hope our children never learn to sue us.

Actual headline: “The world’s leading micro artist has finally made it big

On September 13, boycott pasta in support of the fine Italian nation. The price of pasta (as well as other basic foodstuffs) has gone up 30% thanks to (you guessed it) bio-fuels.

And I’m spent!