It’s bigger. It’s bigger than you and you are not me.



Life is pretty interesting.

Today’s been so bloody hot that after going to the gym I’ve squandered the hottest part of it sitting in front of the computer reading every post of a friend’s blog from 2002 to the present. Actually ‘squandered’ is probably not the best word to use. It certainly (while providing a valuable insight into part of the working of my friend’s mind – and what a mind it is!) made me think about my own blog and how – really – I don’t write much about myself and what I’m thinking.

To be honest, I fear that if I did write a lot of my thoughts I’d, a) get sued, b) lose some of my close friends (I didn’t know you thought THAT!?!) or c) be afraid of what might come out. There’s also d) that there’s not enough space for my thoughts and I don’t want any potential readers of this blog to be bored. If you are a reader, I hope you’re not bored – then again, too bad if you are really!! The Internet is big enough for the both of us.

I choose to reveal my thoughts to only special people – perhaps only those who are really like-minded enough to handle the brutal honesty and stupidity of my outbursts. To them; you’re special to me, and I apologize.

Today’s internet musings are brought to you by a girl in England who drank 14 shots of espresso and ended up in hospital. Good for you, girl! Coffee is good for you, but the way…

There’s a story about how an archaeological team from Australia has discovered more of the ancient city of Angkor in Cambodia, including some now covered by towns surrounding the site. I’ll be there for the New Year so this’ll only add to my already whetted appetite.

By the way, the horrid artist’s representation of what ‘life’ was like in the city probably neatly shows the reason for its (and possibly our) downfall; a huge military with a small civilian population supporting it.

Finally, it is time to remember the passing of Anthony H. Wilson, the “indefatigable broadcaster, music mogul, social activist, football fan, writer and exhibitionist” who put Manchester on the international music map more than once, and gave me some of the defining music of my teenage years. Thank you.