It’s Saturday – for a start. Actually I’m smiling because after today I’ll have the next four days off. On the way home from work I walked past queues of cars jamming the roads out of town on the way to their Obon holidays. Aaaah, sweet memories of being stuck in traffic… distant memories fading fast.


I’m also smiling because today I found another reason why Coldplay sucks.

I’m happy because I have proof that cycling is better than taking public transport or driving – and it’s nothing to do with the environment.

I’m happy because there is at least one part of Iraq that’s safe enough for tourists to visit.

I’m pleased at the prospect of enjoying a meteor shower – if only I can find a place dark enough… sweet cosmos-enhanced bliss…

And I’m amused because someone received a phone bill totalling more than the entire global GDP and the telephone company seriously expects the poor guy to pay it.

“If the company wants to seek legal action as mentioned in the letter, I’m ready to face it,” …. “In fact, I can’t wait to face it,” he said. “

Good for him.