…this guy.

Billy Blanks! Who? Remember Tae-Bo? Well, anyway, its creator, Billy Blanks is really hot in Japan and has been a staple of late night tele-shopping for the past year or so, hawking his Billy’s Boot Camp DVDs. They have been funny to watch, that’s for sure. They got some big tough-sounding Japanese guy to do his dubbing but he sounds like a radio announcer speaking down a cardboard tube…

Billy visited Tokyo last month (and appeared on many of the top TV shows) and since then sales have been rocketing – now surpassing 1 million units. In a way, good for him. He’s found something that has hit a nerve with the Japanese consumer that isn’t based on ‘kawaii‘ and is raking in the cash.

Maybe Mr. Abe could take a leaf out of his book instead of spending millions of yen on building rooftop gardens for his pet dog and perhaps spend some time focussing on his job, which is…. errrrmmmmm…. running the country? Or perhaps passing some legislation that could actually help Japan meet its own Kyoto targets?