Yes ma’am!

Now, you know I’m a big fan of coffee, and actively seek out news stories that can demonstrate clearly and unequivocally that everyone (by that I mean YOU!) should partake in at least one or two fine cups of java on a daily basis. Today is no exception. Today we learn that coffee (and caffeine in general) can help memory – in women.

Huh??? Not fair! But that would explain why my wife can remember things much better than I can.


Today we have more semi-religious wingnuts to laugh at. Say hello to the Sungazers.

How staring at the sun directly can lead to greater well-being is beyond me. Their optometrists must be rubbing their hands with glee as I type…


A well thought out piece on the sheer lack of good female superhero rolemodels for girls. I *would* recommend Æon Flux (not that Æon Flux – THIS Æon Flux!) however I think if I ever had a daughter I’d wait until she hit her teens before I introduced her to the wily ways of one of the 90s greatest cartoon characters. That and Buffy – maybe Xena too… I think I would be influencing her to become quite an interesting character!

“I have a daughter who kicks ass!”

Not such a bad idea, actually!