… since I cooked something different. I hot the road on my bike today and picked up some nice spicy stuff from America-mura here in Himeji. Tonight’s feast was made using some Indonesian Sambal Fried Rice paste. The funny thing about it was that one of the ingredients listed was ‘flavour enhancer’ and underneath it said that it was actually ‘yeast extract’. Now if you’re an Aussie, that can only mean one thing – Vegemite! Sure enough, there was a familiar flavour to the Indonesian fare tonight… my wife didn’t complain at all! (She hates the black stuff) In fact she wants it again! (Score!)

It’s also been a while since I did some Bush bashing. For all his trumpeting about freedom and progress in Iraq, he’s doing a great job of making things worse.

I enjoyed reading the story of the Iraq soccer team’s victory in the recent Asia Cup. It’s a terrible shame that the players can’t go back home, since they’ll likely be killed as part of the sectarian violence. But good on the captain of the team for explicitly placing the blame at the feet of the US forces and calling for them to leave.

There’s also this lovely story of how Filipino construction workers were kidnapped and forced at gunpoint to work on constructing the new US embassy in Baghdad. Nice one Bush! America! F**k Yeah!

Just don’t mention the missing AK-47s