The Japanese are an interesting bunch. Most will take you at your word, which makes a lot of fun for us Australians, My wife couldn’t understand a thing my grandfather said, even though she was fond of him. That’s because a) he spoke fluent Ozzi-ben (Australian English) and b) everything he said was a joke. I’ve learned to my detriment (several bruises) that Japanese wives can’t take a joke – or understand when you’re telling a blatant lie for fun!

One of my co-workers today let me in on telling some porkies to some of our students to the effect that Australia was a really dangerous place. Our reputation has been suffering enough as it is, without someone telling lies and not explaining to the victims that they were joking and it’s not really like that. Sure, Australia is no picnic, but this guy made it sound like the country was full of serial killers and Mother Nature stalking the countryside just looking for some innocent Japanese tourists to obliterate!


/end rant

Today’s greenie enviromentally friendly bit of info.

If I could build a house, I’d get a couple of these hooked up for sure – free wind-powered electricity (after a few years)?? Sign me up!