The morning read is always a mixed bag for me. At least on my day off I can go at a slightly more leisurely pace and actually not just skim articles for information. That and a large mug of Vietnamese coffee goes a looooong way to help soothe the nerves after a busy week at the office.


Caffeine (and exercise) are good for you. Just ask these mice.

Wolves in Yellowstone National Park are helping trees grow.

The World’s Worst Poet? (they haven’t read mine yet… and they never will!!)


Australia will continue to turn into the US under a future Liberal government. Just ask these Americans how it is to live on minimum wage.

Ethanol really really sucks. I know I’ve said it before, but we really need something better. This article sums up a lot of what’s happening very neatly.

Japan’s legion of internet cafe refugees continues to grow. The world’s second largest economy is also home to a growing army of underemployed and underpaid temp workers. They can’t afford a place to live, and so camp out on the floors of 24-hour internet cafes. The future looks bleak.