Today was Unagi Day in Japan! Unagi, for those not in the know, is eel which has been roasted over an open fire while being basted in this awesome soy-based sauce. It is heavenly! Never having had eel before I came to Japan, I sit here a very satisfied convert. Tonight’s dinner was the unagi-don you see above. Sumptuous, creamy, savoury, oooohhh I’m getting hungry again just thinking about it!

Good news abounds today!

Firstly, Paris Hilton has lost her $60 million inheritance! Family patriarch, Barron Hilton would get a big shake of the hand from this peasant.

[Update: Or maybe not…]

Secondly, here’s a list of ‘food hell’, kitchen creations that have only served to lessen our culinary pleasure through the ages. While Japan has two entries, I’m glad to note that Australia has exactly none! (Don’t tell them about the Pie Floater!)

But with the good, there’s the not so good…

I have had a soft spot for flight attendants ever since I read ‘Air Babylon’, but this article explains in fair detail the hardship that many flight attendants are going through in the US. Think before you give them a hard time in the air next time eh.

Also, this is my life…