That drought is really difficult to deal with….

One of my more elderly students was saying that when he was young Rainy Season in Japan used to last both June and July but recently it’s more likely to last a month. The forecasters must still adhere to the old system since the news always reports the official ‘start’ of the Rainy Season for each part of Japan, but it usually doesn’t actually rain for ages!!

The forecast for Himeji is for rain for the next week or so. I don’t mind since it means it’ll actually be slightly cooler as well. Wait for August – phew!

In other news, I got my PC back and it’s running fine, except the dolts in the shop didn’t connect up my DVD burner to the new power supply. After a few mnutes wrestling with cables I fixed it back up so NOW everything’s working!

We’ve had some more Sayonara parties… We bade farewell to Sarah which means we’re officially down to seven instructors at my school. We’ve never had so few since I started here. We’re getting at least one more this month.

Unfortunately the same night there was another in Akashi, which I’ve seen some pix from and it looked like it was quite the Night of Drunken Debauchery. Looked like fun. Ours was fun too but it was more like a Night of Oriental Gastronomy – Indian to be more precise! It must say something if I’m more likely to choose good food over beer and karaoke! It was fun meeting Sarah’s friends too – some interesting characters there!